Fully Functional Software

The Silence of The Lambdas ;)

Code Reviews

If you need an external party to perform code reviews on your code base and offer back high-quality feedback as well as suggestions on possible...

  • Standards compliance
  • Ways to improve
  • Security concerns

then I am pleased to be able to help you achieve the highest quality code that you can. There is nothing worse than anything less than 100% confidence in your application code.


On-Line Training

After thirty fours (and counting) years in the software industry I have a wealth of practical information that I have decided would be fun to pass on. This will take the form of some initial discourse, probably via email, to work out what you want to learn, whether it's something totally new or you want to focus on something specific pertaining to something you already use


Design & Development

I am extremely comfortable and competent with all of the major imperative languages as well as some functional ones:

  • Erlang, Elixir, LISP, Clojure, Haskell
  • Java, Python, PHP, C, C++
In fact after thirty four years there isn't much I haven't learned, plus I have used a lot of frameworks too.


Bug Hunting

Sometimes all it takes is a different pair of eyes to see the obvious or to ask an obvious question.

I have over thirty years of valuable experience ready to look at your problem...