GIMPS -- Prime coolness

λ September 8, 2019
Tags: maths

Today I joined GIMPS. I’ve been fascinated by prime numbers since I first encountered them in primary school maths a very very very long time ago!

As I go about my daily work, I now have a background process doing who-knows-what in the help for finding and verifying prime numbers. There is something “special” about integers but more so for the primes.

When you first encounter “prime factorisation” it’s one of those “Wow, I never realised that” moments. For me it stayed with me and I still wonder about things like integers being special in some way too. Given that infinity exists (the infinitesimal) between any two points on the number line in the general case, is there anything really special about integers other than that the primes can be used to create them?

I read a very interesting book many years ago, by Peter Plichta, but I didn’t pay much attention to it after reading it, you can find more about that here

Peter Plichta search

I’ve also been following for many years Terence Tao and his work with primes and hoping one day to be smart enough to “get it”. And if that wasn’t enough there is of course The Riemann hypothesis

So, to be part of the GIMPS project is just….cool!

My work with Mercury and SDL2 continues to improve and I hope soon to start blogging about all the things I’ve learned about mercury, writing an FFI wrapper and trying to create some kind of a video game with it.